Jual kabel Proview RG59 Asli Surabaya

Proview Pro RG59 Cable


  • Series RG59
  • 80% Shield braided coaxial cable
  • Tight foamed polyethylene insulting skin bonds around center conductor
  • "Future-proofing" the installation
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Conductor Copper clad steel
AWG(mm) 20(0.81)
Dielectric Insulation Foam PE
Diameter(mm) 3.660.1
Inner Shield Aluminum Foil
Braid Wire 36AWG Aluminum 112*0.12
Weave cover(%) 80%
Out Shield NO
Jacket PVC New
Diameter(mm) 5.90.2
Power Cable
Conductor Copper clad aluminium
AWG(mm) 7*0.37
Dielectric Insulation Red&Black PE
Diameter(mm) 1.80.05mm
Shield Efficiency 5-1000MHZ>90dB
Impedance(Ohm) 753
Velocity of Propagation(%) 83
UV Stability
Voltage Rating <80V
Structural Return Loss(dB) 5-1000>20, 1001-3000>16