Kabel coaxial RG59 MMP warna putih Surabaya

RG59+PWR Coaxial Cable


  • 80% shield braided coaxial cable that exceeds 3.0Ghz.
  • Tight foamed polyethlene insulating skin bonds around center conductor.
  • Supports extended bandwidth satellite service and high definition TV signals
  • UV rated for exterior use.
  • Future-proofing the installation
  • 300 Meter / Carton / No Connector.
  • Exhibits better transmission characteristics
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Part Number MMP-RG5980PWW
Jacket Color White
Package 300m
Conductor Copper Clad Steel
AWG 20 (0.81mm)
Dielectric Insulation Foam PE
Diameter 3.66mm
Inner Shield Bonded Aluminium Foil
Inner Braid 36AWG Aluminium 0.12x112
Jacket PVC RoHS UV
Diameter 6.02mm
Power Cable
Conductor Cooper Clad Aluminium
AWG 7X0.37mm
Dielectric Insulation Red & Black PE
Diameter 1.80mm
Jacket PVC RoHS UV
Diameter 3.3 - 4.6mm
Impedence 75 Ohms
Velocity of Propagation 83%
UV Stability UV
Voltage Rating < 80V
Structural Return Loss (dB) 5-1.000 > 20.1001-3000 > 16